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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Both times we visited Amsterdam, it was in the cooler months, which in our opinion made the views amazing. With the leaves changing, the backgrounds were beautiful. It can get cold and windy so bring layers.

Things to do:


Walk the canals in the Jordaan District, day or night, the scenery is amazing!


Rent Bikes and ride the street. Bikes are very easy to rent. You can either find them at your hotel and can usually book them through the front desk or there is a shop we rented them from called: Bike In Town. I recommend doing this one of the first days so you can see as much of the city as possible. I also recommend riding through the large park, Vondelpark. It is beautiful and usually has a lot going on.

We recommend the Heineken Beer experience. It took roughly 1:30-2 hours. It can get really crowded which can be a negative, but we lucked out and went during a semi-calm time. If you have time along the way, it’s a fun experience.


Where to stay:

We stayed in The W, but we highly recommend staying near Amsterdam Central. There is a tram that goes right into the city from the Airport





Breakfast at De Drie Grefjes- this is a little hole in the wall restaurant that we found randomly. They had a wonderful American Brunch selection which we loved!


You must try the “fast food restaurant” Febo. It is an experience! It is almost like a vending machine for fast food.

Midtown grill was an excellent Steakhouse. A bit on the pricier side, but very worth it. Steak in Europe (in our opinion) is very hit or miss, and this was not a miss!


On a street called Leidsestraat, in the Canal Belt, are the prettiest dessert options. The Ice cream and Macaroons were to die for!



Other places To See:

Dam Square

Walk through the Red-light district

“Coffee Shops”


Although we did not try the following, we were told they were both good experiences:


Anne Frank House

Book a Canal Cruise- this was the number one thing people suggested we do. Unfortunately, it was on the colder side. Even though the tours are covered in the colder months, we did not try this. Let us know if you end up trying it and liking it!

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