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34 Week Update

It has been quite a while since I posted…I took some time to enjoy summer and spend lots of time with family and friends, but I am back! I wanted to write a quick summary of what has been going on in The Baron household for the past few months along with some future plans and updates.

Billy and I had a GREAT summer. It was way too short and I wish it could have lasted much longer, but unfortunately it came to an end when he flew back to Serbia almost a month ago. I plan to give birth in America and head over to be with him as soon as the baby and I are cleared to fly.

I am now in week 34 of my pregnancy and my current mood is Large and in charge and “oh Crap I have to Pee again”.

The first trimester was a bit hard with all the morning sickness (aka all day sickness) but once 12 weeks hit, that went away completely, THANK GOD! The second trimester was pretty smooth sailing minus a few hick-ups and false alarms along the way. Being pregnant is a HUGE blessing, but as of lately my mindset has transitioned to “Get this baby out of me so I can finally meet him already!” Although many people told me 9 months would fly, I am not in complete agreeance. Nine Months is LONG! The body changes that have been happening along the way are nothing like I could have ever imagined. I have come to the conclusion that Pregnancy is NOT something You can mentally prepare for. I seem to learn more and more as the days progress and my body changes. Regardless of how many times I am warned of what is next to come , it is always a surprise.

Current Cravings Include:

English muffins, Anything with Mayo on it, Cheese, Greek yogurt, Wegmans Subs, and lots and lots of Fruit! And I’m being 100% honest, I could go for a LARGE cocktail, preferably with tequila.

New Normals:

The nesting has hit me hard these past few weeks. My normal neat freak tendencies have been pushed into overdrive. My “To Do Before the Baby Arrives” list seems to keep growing and growing. The Baby’s kicking has also gotten to a new level of extreme. I pray to sleep at least three consecutive hours without getting a kick to the lung. Exercise has a new meaning these days. If I can walk 9 holes of golf, I am extremely exhausted by the end of it.

I am so excited this pregnancy is coming towards the end and I am very excited to meet this little guy.


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