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6 Month Update

Happy Half Birthday Jacob James Baron!

I usually am not good at keeping up-to-date with my monthly updates, but the quarantine has blessed me with a little extra time to put this together. Our little boy is half way to one. It feels like just yesterday he came home from the hospital and we were planning our trip overseas. JJ is getting so big and is developing new personality traits daily. He is stealing our hearts more and more every day.


28 inches

17.4 pounds


We started sleep training a couple weeks ago and it went amazingly. Billy and I were a bit skeptical to use the "cry it out" method. The thought of letting JJ scream for anything more than two minutes was unbearable. After 5 months of unpredictable sleep times and many sleepless nights, we decided we needed to make a big change. It took two tough nights of 30-45 minutes of crying, he now sleeps through the night and has every night since. If anyone needs a little extra motivation for “Easy” step by step Sleep training, we read the blog

We kept a sleep log if anyone has extra questions, or just needs to talk to someone while their baby screams. Listening to a screaming baby and not going to him/her may be the toughest thing we have had to do so far…but was worth it after the fact.


JJ has developed quite the little personality. He is a VERY happy baby but is very quick tempered if hungry. He craves attention. He now knows when we enter or leave a room and is very vocal if we are in eyesight but are not looking at him. He loves to laugh and has lost his voice laughing and “laugh screaming” on numerous occasions. He is very inquisitive of the world around him. He pays attention to little details in his toys and reds and oranges draw his attention easily. He is especially nosey with his daddy’s actions. He is constantly watching what he is doing and intrigued with his workouts or mundane daily activities. He has started reaching for all food/drinks that others have. Sounds are the easiest way to get his attention. He flinches at any new sound or turns to smile at familiar playful sounds. Maybe the most exciting thing we have experienced is the way JJ responds to his name. He will turn to anyone who says “Jacob” or “JJ” and seems to know that that is his cue to listen.


Even with the crazy schedule we have put JJ through, he has been an absolute champ with sticking to sleeping and eating. He still naps and sleeps through the night no matter the location of his crib. Our pack and play and Docatot have been amazing in keeping him on track. We do not follow a strict sleep schedule, but below is the typical day:

7am Wake

9 AM Nap ( 45 Minutes- 1.5 hours)

12pm Nap (1-2.5 hours)

5Pm Nap (20 Minutes- 1hour)

7:45 Bath Time

8PM Bed Time


JJ has been a GREAT travel Buddy. He has been to 6 countries and 2 states:

Belgrade, Serbia

United States (Florida and New York)

Rome, Italy along with Amalfi Coast

Paris, France

Toronto, Canada

Istanbul, Turkey


- Rolls over constantly from back to front and front to back

- Puts Feet in His Mouth

- Ate the following foods: cauliflower, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, avocados, pears, rice/ cereal

(he likes veggies the best)

- Can sit assisted

- Responds to his Name

- Sleeps through the night

- Not quite able to crawl or sit up, but tries to constantly

- Drooling constantly…teeth coming soon

Products we swear by at this age:


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