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Best Baby Gadgets

If you are a mom, maybe you can relate to the feeling that the days are slow, but the months have flown by! We are now at month 3 for this little guy. I have learned so much in these first few months. I would say the major thing being to SLOW DOWN…. Small victories= Big Victories with a baby.

For the soon to be moms, or for people who are looking to purchase gifts for friends/ family who are having a baby; these are my top 12 products that I would not have made it without. Make sure to add these to your baby registry if you haven’t already. You can find these 12 products, along with some honorable mentions on my amazon list linked below. I hope this helps! 😊

1. Dockatot

Many of my friends also were fans of the Snuggle Me, however I was on the Dockatot train and it did not disappoint. It is probably the product I have used most in the first three months. Extra covers run a bit expensive, so I have been using Stretchy Changing Pad Covers over it which work great and give him a bit more of a “hug” feeling.

2. Uppa Baby Stroller

A tiny bit bulky for travel, but great if you plan to have multiple kids. It steers so smoothly and has multiple attachments for different needs. I love the giant basket under the stroller for bags, blankets, and groceries. (I also purchased the Mesa Car Seat, Extra Rumble seat, and the PiggyBack Ride-Along Board to use in the future). The stroller and the car seat have specific travel bags which we purchased as well. If you register your bag and stroller on the Uppa Baby website, any damage done during travel is insured. With the amount we travel, this was a huge selling point as well.

3. Baby Brezza

MY FAVORITE PRODUCT! If you are supplementing or solely feeding with Formula, this is a MUST HAVE product. In a matter of seconds, you have a warm bottle with the press of one button. It works with ALL formulas (even European brands). I cannot rave about this product enough.

4. Swaddle Blankets

My favorite swaddles so far are from Littlesleepies and Copperpearl. I use these every night to put J to sleep. They are very stretchy which gives him just enough wiggle room.

5. Hushh White Noise Maker

Billy and I had to be efficient when we were deciding what to bring over to Europe. This noise maker is small and super travel friendly, but it is also great even if you aren’t traveling. It has 5 noise options and is plenty loud enough for how small it is. Not just baby friendly- Billy and I have one for our room too.

6. Skip and Hop Car Seat Cover

This has been an absolute life saver during the cold days…which is everyday in Buffalo. It stretches over most infant car seats which is great. There is also a cover that goes with the Rumble seat as well called the UPPAbaby RumbleSeat CozyGanoosh.

7. FP Diaper Backpack

I have multiple diaper bags for different occasions, but I highly recommend this backpack. It is the easiest to lug around with the baby and has a lot of space without being too bulky. It is also super easy to clean. I have had my fair share of spilt milk and this makes for an easy clean up.

8. Graco Pack and Play

We brought this with us overseas to use as the baby’s crib. JJ is a VERY loud sleeper, so he only made it in our room for a couple nights. If you are traveling, or are not using a bassinet, this is a great option. It has multiple attachments so the baby can use it at multiple stages as he grows.

9. Play mat

The Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Baby Play Mat and Infant Activity Gym and the Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick 'n Play Piano Gym have been my absolute favorites. I have seen many other good ones, but these are the ones we have experience with.

10. My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow

Initially I was solely breastfeeding which was so painful on my back. He got so heavy after a few times holding him. This pillow was a life saver! I tried 4 different options and sent the others back after using this one. The fact that it clips to your waist helps to remove some of the discomfort and provides some support. Highly recommend if you are breastfeeding!

11. Motorola Camera

Billy had to leave shortly after the baby was born. This camera allowed him to access the camera on an app from overseas so he was able to see the baby. This set comes with 2 cameras and a monitor. We keep one camera on the crib and the other by the place he naps. The app feature and monitor both have complete control over the camera’s movements and other features.

12. Sleep sacks

These PJs are perfect for nighttime, especially for the middle of the night diaper changes. There is nothing worse than trying to put a baby’s clothes back on at 3am. These allow you to zip quickly to make the process as painless as possible.

Below are some of my other favorites which I linked to my amazon idea page. I have tried a few different versions for each of these products, and the ones linked are much better than other brands.

-Floor Mat

-Lots of soft baby Blankets

-You can never have too many burp clothes (I prefer the cloth diapers)

- All baby Frida products (Especially the snot sucker)

- Ergo Baby Carrier

- Boppy Carrier

- Baby Washcloths

-Stroller Bag holder Clips

-Drool Bibs

- Baby “Slippers”

- Dr. Brown Bottles (8oz not 4 oz.)

-Bottle Cleaners

-Oogie booger removers

-Baby Bouncer

- Dr. Brown Bottles (8oz not 4 oz)

- Flower Pad for Sink baths


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